ÜberDoza Soap Duo

Manufacturer: ÜberDoza

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These coldprocessed soaps are handmade in Berlin and are awesome gifts for yourself, friends & fam, or your favourite quarantine cuddle buddy.

Made with the finest all-natural, organic, and totally vegan ingredients, they are amazing-smelling and won’t dry out your skin.

Use to wash your whole body and your sex toys too.

Select your favourite solo scent, or choose a perfect pair!

About the scents:

Über Butch is enriched with shea butter, and scented with vetiver, cedarwood, and cypress essential oils, and textured with birch leaves.

Über Fem is enriched with sunflower oil, and scented with palmarosa, geranium, and rosemary essential oils, and textured with rose petals powder.

Über Bi is enriched with apricot kernel and macadamia oil, and scented with bitter orange and sweet orange essential oils.

Weight:90-100g (handmade item - exact size may vary)
Made in:Germany (Berlin)

€ 12.00