Biodegradable Glitter

Manufacturer: Glitterkram

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Made in Germany by Glitterkram, this biodegradable glitter is made of cellulose and cellulose acetate. It is guaranteed free of heavy metals and petroleum-based plastics and is vegan-friendly.

To apply, simply put a little oil-based cream to the desired area and then spread on the glitter.

This glitter is certified according to DIN EN 13432:200-12, and when composted, it dissolves into CO2, water and biomass. We recommend disposing of the glitter in a home compost or organic waste, as at least 90% of the glitter will then be broken down to CO2 within 6 months.

If the glitter reaches nature (e.g. via your wash basin or shower, into the sewage treatment plant, and then inevitably into the river), the material degrades somewhat more slowly. After 28 days in fresh water, approximately 13% of the glitter will be broken down. For this reason, rather than washing your glitter down the drain, remove it with a paper towel and then put the towel in the biodegradable waste or on the compost where it will be broken down most quickly.

No animal testing has been carried out during any stage of the production. In addition, none of the products or packaging materials contain animal products.

This glitter is made for cosmetic applications. The glitter meets the requirements of the EU Cosmetic Decree (No. 1223/2009) and the production is certified according to cosmetics GMP ISO 22716. If you want to use the glitter for arts and crafts, make sure to use oil-based solvents, as the glitter will lose its colour with long-term contact with water or water-based solvents.

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Packaged in stylish kraft paper containers.

Size:5 grams
Made in:Germany
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